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Barramundi Accord

The barramudi accord is an agreement between stakeholders to look at ways to maintain and improve this fishery in the Pilbara/Kimberley region.

Barramundi Threadfin Accord


Commonwealth Marine Bioregion zones- Proposed Commonwealth Exclusion zones in Pilbara waters

Proposal to retrict fishing, including recreational in Commonwealth waters off the Pilbara coast, this is in the consultation stage.

East-West News

Discussion Papers for areas for further assessment North West Bioregion



Mako Shark ban

Australia is a signatory to the international biodiversity Act. International pressures have resulted in a decision to stop the taking of short finned mako sharks for all those signatory nations. This has emanated from the overexploitation of the mako fishery in the northern hemisphere especially Europe where the longline fishing industry has lead to localised severe depletions. There is however no indication of Austlian stocks being under the same stress, which has lead to a lot of controversy, especially with those who fish sharks.


Mako Shark ANSA email

Recfish call for Mako ban delay

Federal government response to St Helens Fishing Club non enforcement policy (reversal)

Queensland Coral Sea Sanctuary Zone The Commonwealth government is likely to legislate to prohibit fishing in may areas of the Coral Sea and the Barrier Reef despite many areas only being very lightly fished by anglers and charter operators. The Commonwealth governmant has not indicatd any increase in compliance activities of illegal longline fishing from international vessels that have a significantly greater impact on the fish stocks. Much of the political push for the implementing of such marine parks has come from Environmental groups such as the the American based Pew Environmnetal Group, a well financed and sophisticated organisation that has what many would see as an idealistic and radical agenda i.e to stop all fishing and environmental interaction. The Pew Group has not been as successful to establish such no take areas in the USA due to a very strong angling and stakeholder lobby groups.  
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